Well Read The Rules First!!

Please Read The Below Mentioned Few Simple Rules Which You Should Keep In Mind Inside The Chat Rooms!!

We Expect You To Follow These Simple Rules In Order To Help Us In Running The Chat Room With A Safe & Pleasant Environment.

1. Respect Everyone inside Chat Room.

2. No Chat Drama inside Chat Room.

3. No Cussing inside Chat Room.

4. No Spamming inside Chat Room.

5. No Advertising, or Group Chats in your name or status inside Chat Room.

6. No Asking for Ranks inside Chat Room.

7. No Flaming or Trolling (Fighting).

8. No Cybering (Internet Sex) inside Chat Room.

9. No Racism inside Chat Room.

10. You should not play in Chat lobby by continuously clicking on a specific name.

11. Do not disturb Chat lobby by continuously posting the same message or smilies.

12. Do not send bad pictures either in lobby or in private Chat. If others send you bad pictures then please ignore them by clicking their name.

13. All caps is not allowed. It is called "shouting" in Chat.

14. You are not allowed to come with any registered user nick in order to deceive or ruin other users impression inside Chat Room.

15. You are not allowed to disclose personal information of others without their permission inside Chat Room. This is a serious crime and you may get forever ban from Chat Room for committing this crime.


Follow Chat Rules - Maintain Friendly Chat Environment - Do Not Trust Anybody Inside Chat Room Blindly - Consider Chatting Only For Fun & Means Of Learning and Recreation.

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