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As you will login in our forum after the signup process, you will see that there are various categories which indicate different topics of Interest. Everyone has some unique choice of field about which he/she wants to discuss with everyone to remain in touch of his/her interest.

We've tried to cover as many fields as we could for all of you in our forum categories. We are aiming to make an active collection of Indian users in each category who can discuss about that category as a Group Discussion.

Select your favorite category, Enter into It. Either check out what others are discussing about or you can start your new topic to discuss with others.

Make sure the topic which you want to discuss with other members of the forum falls in the right category, So that you can mix with right group of people. You can achieve the following things by doing so:

  • You can know more about your field of interest.
  • Can Interact with people following your field of Interest.
  • You can get more social and active.
  • It will be very helpful for you to improve your communication skill by following group discussion.

Let us see various categories or Topics which are available in our Forum/Community...

General Discussion Group

Movie Lovers Discussion Group

Music Lovers Discussion Group

Game Lovers Discussion Group

Book Lovers Discussion Group

Nature & Wildlife Lovers Discussion Group

Computer Stuff Lovers Discussion Group

Sports Lovers Discussion Group

Politics Lovers Discussion Group

Art Lovers Discussion Group

Technical Discussion Group

School Students Discussion Group

College Students Discussion Group

Science Discussion Group

Commerce Discussion Group

Medical Discussion Group

Engineers Discussion Group

Business Discussion Group

Religious Views Discussion Group

Designers Discussion Group

Friends Search Group

Life Partner or Lover Search Group

Job Search Group