Come2Chat 123FlashChat

Come2Chat 123FlashChat is a powerful Chat Room service which is hosted by 123FlashChat. 123FlashChat is the best Chat software developer. It provides very high performing java server with audio video 123FlashChat script installed in it. The best thing about this Room is that it always keeps updating with the latest version of 123FlashChat software immediately with the launch of every new version of 123FlashChat script.

What You Can Expect From Come2Chat Chat Rooms?

A. Public and Private Chat

There are various kinds of chat in Come2Chat. They are: Group chat, private chat, personal message and whisper. Private chat is done in separate chat windows, while the personal message and whisper are both done in the chat lobby, the difference is that the personal message (A said to B) are visible to others, while the whisper message is only visible to the two parties involved.

To chat in the chat lobby, just enter message and click Send. Otherwise there are two ways to deal with personal chat needs, right click or left click.

B. Video Chat, Webcam/Audio Chat

The most popular feature of Come2Chat is the video voice chat. With the built-in module, chat users can talk face-to-face using webcam and microphone, or take part in video conference or seminars.

Features of Come2Chat Video Chat:

1. Video Chat communicates information in a quick and convenient fashion. It's also regarded as cool and desirable.
2. Cool video effects, including animations, masks, photo frames, and color, caption can be added in the video.
3. A toolbar is available below video window to dock all the buttons: user interaction, video/audio control, resize or full-screen, etc.
4. Flexible video docks: up, down, left, right or popup mode.
5. Each video window can switch from pop up / pop in mode separately by clicking a button. and multiple video windows that are attached together can be detached easily.
6. The connection will be resumed automatically as you reconnect to the Internet if your network goes down.
7. Two types of video chat: public and private mode. Three types of audio chat: public, private and broadcast mode.
8. Video window is resizable and draggable.
9. Volume control is available when viewing other's video.

C. Friend List

In Come2Chat, a user may conveniently add another one in his friend list for later contact. If he needs to add a friend, he may right-click on the user's name in user list and select Add friend. If he needs to delete one, he can right-click on his user name in friend list and select Remove friend. Friend list function is only available to registered member, not to guests.

D. Enjoy Your Chat with Smileys

Smileys are small animations which can be sent to each other, to convey emotions or underlying meanings. They were meant to be faces drawn using keyboard characters and that you need to tilt your head to the left to be able to see them properly, like :) or ;-), etc. And now they were replaced by small animations for better user experience.

E. Image Transfer

The Image Transfer Function in Come2Chat can help the chat users to communicate more efficiently in ordinary conversations or online transactions, and it adds more fun to your chat. If a user needs to send an image, he may click on the Send Image icon above chat input area and select an image. It is available for both public and private chat.

F. Handwriting

Handwriting function of our Chat can help those users who cannot type to join your chat. If one needs to use the function, he may click on the handwriting icon beside Text Input Mode button. Meanwhile, the text input area in the lobby chat window are now resizable by dragging to facilitate handwriting.

G. Play Flash Games

It's free to play flash casual games in the chat room, simply click game button at the top bar to launch the game panel. Here you can find hundreds of mini games and no registration is required to play them! Also it won't affect the chat screen since it's in a pop-up separate window.

H. Whiteboard

Whiteboard aims to help a user to express his idea in drawing. He may click on the Whiteboard icon at the top of chat panel to initialize his drawing hobby inside Come2Chat.

I. Easy-Changing Skins

Come2Chat skins are so easy to change. Using Chat-tool-bar, a chat user can change the skin in a second, and the change will apply in a second, green, lavender, blue, beige…altogether thirteen skins in the collection. A User can have any skin as per his choice during his Chat.

J. Background Selection

A user may select his favorite background in change-background drop-down menu to get a better user experience. In Come2Chat, changing background is fairly simple, he only needs to click on Change Background icon above chat input area, and select the background he needs. Different chat skins may have different backgrounds available,and the background pictures can be easily added/editted/removed by the admin.

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